NGN Password Sniffer

NGN Password Sniffer 2.0

A program for monitoring and recovering network passwords

NGN Password Sniffer is an effective software program for sniffing different passwords. The tool can be set to listen on your LAN and enable capturing any network user’s password.

The program can also monitor and capture passwords through FTP, POP3, HTTP, SMTP and other network types. NGN Password Sniffer works passively and does not generate any network traffic to recover network passwords so it prevents detection by others.

It is fairly easy to operate and does not need to be installed on your computer. You would just have to click the . exe file to start the application, click the begin monitor button, and the monitoring will start when the system starts to operate.

All passwords will be saved in a folder in TXT form. NGN Password Sniffer is a convenient stealth-monitoring utility which can be used to recover your passwords, to receive network passwords of children for parents, and to monitor password abuse for server administrators.